Our Team

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen"

A perfect education system for their Tots! A system where, education is woven by the threads of fun based learning. Three couples, all financially strong, searched a lot, Ahmedabad, Mumbai everywhere but could not find an appropriate system that appealed.

"We receive exactly, what we expect to receive"

That’s when they came across The Raghavans, who have devoted their life to improving education across all the strata of the society, the architects of “The QuadSeek Method”. Raghavans have been running a free experimental school for underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu for more than 25 years and have help start more than 19 schools in India and Malaysia, apart from training teachers in more than 50 schools across India.

The couples were mesmerized by the learning philosophies aptly synced with the teaching technology giving exceptional results. They instantly decided that, this is the system which is capable of nurturing the genius in their own children. Later they thought that as this system was so unique and effective it would be a wonderful giveback to take this to benefit more children.

So, they joined hands together and formed Highbrow Tots, making it the mission of their lives.

The three aspiring couples: (Co-Founders and Directors)

  • Ashish Agrawal (M.Sc. in accounting and financial management, C.F.A.)
  • Priyam Agrawal (Home Science with interior designing)
  • Abhinav Agrawal (M.B.A. in entrepreneurship)
  • Rachana Agrawal (M.B.A. in entrepreneurship, Silver medallist)
  • Saurabh Saboo (M.B.A., P.G. Diploma in I.T.)
  • Rakhi Saboo (Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist)


  • Mr. M.R. Raghavan (CA, Educationist since 30+ years)
  • Mrs.Aruna Raghavan (MA, M.Phil (English), educationist since 30+ years)
  • Mr. Rahul Desai (Computer Engineer, Founder, Lumens school, Vapi)

Our Vision

We aim to channelize every child’s energy towards a positive path with a factual yet joyous learning environment, thus, evolving a genius in their field of interest.

A positive path being a learning hub where, academics, sports, art and music all have equal importance.

Our Origin

Highbrow originated with purpose of providing children with a creative education that gave them “the freedom to learn”. Our educationist Mr. M.R.Raghavan (well-known expert in Child Education), developed a teaching program called ‘Quad Seek’, which develops - the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual upbringing of students. India’s present educational methods tap and develop a very small portion of the human capacity, thus we aim to discover and draw out the genius within each student.