Higher Secondary

Higher Secondary grade 11 to 12

This is the culminating stage of school education where the student would have garnered the fundamentals in a wide variety of subjects in preparation to moving to areas of acquiring specialised knowledge and skills.

  • Students would have factual, technical, procedural and some theoretical and practical knowledge of non-specific areas presenting a readiness to go to next levels of specialised learning.
  • The students would display ability to think a problem through in great depth, culling their years of grounding to present their points of view in a precise and logical sequence with élan
  • They would have a range of cognitive, technical and communication competency to select and apply a range of methods, tools, materials and information to provide and transmit solutions in a cohesive and systematic manner to predictable and sometimes unpredictable problems exhibiting strong aptitude of moving from the known to the unknown.
  • The student would have had the time and opportunity to experiment in an assortment of subjects viewing his own inclinations and aspirations in the context of future choices of career pathways.

They would demonstrate a high degree of confidence and commitment moderated with a strong sense of social consciousness.