Intellectual Stimulation

"Scientiapotentiaest (Knowledge is Power)" – Latin Aphorism

This programme provides intellectual stimulation and inculcates reading habits, math-skills, knowledge in science and a widened base of understanding.

The Integrated Learning program :

Language is built through pictures, as human beings think in pictures. Thus, we introduce the world to our children, using plenty of pictures as the primary window.

We begin with a uniquely designed program in which there are more than 300 large sized pictures. We begin with 3 flash-card sessions a day, wherein we show and name 25 pictures to the child, at the speed of a picture per second. Building the child’s vocabulary using this method, we then reintroduce the very same pictures – which they’ve familiarized with -in varied contexts and perspectives, through maps, stories, read-aloud sessions etc. This way we convert information to knowledge, through association.

For example – the picture of a cherry can be seen in contexts of shape, size, taste, climate, soil, hybrids, plantations, nutrition etc.

We then channelize this built up interest and knowledge of words, by following up with our reading, math and general knowledge programmes.

The Results

Reading: They will be able to read simple English stories by 4 or 4½ years of age. During which they will also learn to recognize all the states of India, the geography of the country, the continents, the different people of the world and a wide range of plant and animal species.

Math: They will learn simple arithmetic problem-solving and addition/subtraction by age 4. Extensive and methodical use of flash cards will help the child learn better, faster and with greater joy. By class 1, they will learn addition up to 100, subtraction, and multiplication tables up to the number nine.

Science: We introduce science as a fun subject to our children right from pre-school. We build an interest and curiosity for it, by conducting fun exercises like - showing whirlpools in a bucket, experiments on air and by introducing them to magnets, lenses and mirrors.

Such a strong foundation developed at an early age, gives our children a head-start in higher standards. It enables them to complete the entire syllabus in a much shorter time, without any kind of pressure. It also helps children get used to this method of learning, from their early years onward and it helps them to learn effortlessly, for the rest of their lives.