Physical Excellence

"All work and all play, is just another day at Highbrow!"

Our physical condition is directly related to our five senses. Thus, our physical program helps develop these senses from a young age and strengthens - the visual, auditory and tactile pathways of the child from age 2 to 8, during which most neurological development stabilizes. This greatly helps ease the acquirement of abilities like reading, drawing, painting, singing, wood work and swimming.

The mainstay of our physical programme includes

  • Crawling – to enhance the growth of the pons and reflex organs.
  • Creeping – to enhance the growth of the mid-brain and motor coordination.
  • Brachiating – to enhance growth of lungs for better supply of oxygen.
  • Climbing – to enhance depth perception.
  • Running/ walking – to enhance clear speech and long sessions of concentrated work.
  • Balance-beam walking – to enhance balance and convergence of vision.

All these activities will instill a high-level of co-ordination and concentration within our students. It will encourage a keen interest in athletics and sports within them, which will be key parts of our physical program for the Primary, Mid-school, Secondary and Higher-Secondary levels of our education.

Our physical programme also helps children that are differently-abled by birth or due to poor nutrition.