Pre Primary Level

At this level we begin with FUN-IN-LEARNING techniques, to help the child familiarize with the world around, and to see the inter-play of the things that surround him/her. We do this through games, story-telling, puppets, narratives, play acting etc. in order to allow the child to set the pace and lead on, while feeling no pressure.

This stage of our schooling focuses on developing the child physically, emotionally and intellectually. The objective behind doing so, is to build a strong base for the child to grow in a conscious, concise and systematic manner. We deliberately don’t divide what the children learn into subjects at this point, except for into - language, mathematics and general knowledge – while organizing activities.

Our Method:

The human brain grows between the ages 0 to 6 years, and a child is also the most curious during this period, which makes it the best time for learning. Thus, this is where we first introduce the ‘Quad-Seek’ method to our children, to ensure an all-round growth in them.

Our Physical Programme focuses on aiding the development of the brain and fine tuning the sensory organs, to prepare the mind and body for better learning. It includes –

  • Creeping- Enhances motor co-ordination and growth of the mid brain
  • Crawling– Enhances Pons & reflex organs
  • Brachiating - Enhances growth of lungs for better supply of oxygen
  • Climbing - Enhances depth perception
  • Balance beam walking - To enhance balance and convergence of vision
  • Walking/Running - Enhances clear speech and long sessions of concentrated work

Our Intellectual programme simultaneously helps stimulate the sharpened minds, by offering vast amounts of knowledge to their immense curiosity. It includes -

The Reading program
The Math Program
The IKP Program

Our emotional programme helps balance out any draining of the self – physical or intellectual activities may cause, by weaving daily schedules with activities like –

  • Stories
  • Art/ craft
  • Plays
  • Music

Our spiritual programme aims to ensure that amidst their acquirement of knowledge and intellectual growth, our children also learn to be sensitive, respectful and contributing members of society. We do so by -

  • Converting biographies of famous personalities into human interest stories
  • Dramatizing events so that the causes that lead up to it, or the consequences of it, are better understood.

At the end of our Pre-Primary program (by the age of 5 ½, if program is begun at 2 – 2½ years of age), children can -

  • Identify 1000 pictures i.e. they would know so many objects and will have its association too.
  • Read any 2 languages with ease.
  • Know numbers and basic mathematical functions
  • Will be physically fit and healthy