• This is the time to build on the secure foundation laid in the 10 earlier years, equipped with a strong base of general information, a well-developed skill in reading and comprehension and strong proficiency in math. Added to it would be a grounded sense of practical exposure to laboratories and competence in computer literacy.
  • The learner would imbibe the skill of thinking an idea through looking at a problem from varied perspectives and being able to hypothesise, analyse, apply his garnered knowledge and conclude in areas within experience thinking an idea through with capacity to conceptualise from varied viewpoints. The student would display a marked ability to make decisions, after quick surgical examination of perspectives and enquiry into the situation tempering logic with empathy and understanding of stake-holders
  • The student would have a complete understanding in the first language with premium oral skills, an ability to read fluently and process seamlessly to understand intricate nuances and frame grammatically orderly and cohesive sentences. The pupil would in the second language, be able to process while reading comfortably with complete understanding and show a fair familiarity at the basics with a third.
  • He would show focus, coherence and discerning independence while being able to merge into roles in team-work to achieve goal directed results. The student would exhibit strong sense of values while not shying away from bold and innovative decisions. The student would perform excellently in the proficiencies of Literacy in Technology and Information, Curricular Literacy, Logical Reasoning, Oral and Written Communication, Independence in thinking as well as collaborative working.